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Labelling the protestors as looters denies the political consciousness of those living in precarity, it unconscionably encodes a criminal stereotype over the poor and erases any justice claims that motivate… [...]

While the summit leaders solemnly swear that they are singing off the same struggle song sheet towards progressive development, the bloc’s leaders’ solidarity is mostly skin-deep The post Geostrategic fault… [...]

Local government is about cutting the grass and filling potholes, not about the death penalty and prayer in schools The post Local government elections: The freaks come out to play… [...]

As a society, we must help everyone, particularly young people, to develop coping skills The post Editorial: Stopping suicide is a collective challenge appeared first on The Mail & Guardian. [...]

A lack of meaningful transformation will undermine the country’s progress and democratic order The post South Africa needs more black corporate guerillas appeared first on The Mail & Guardian. [...]


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